In a year, build a software solution for medical device companies to be able to report to the FDA their processes, what’s working well, and where they can improve.


Food and Drug Administration

ISACA Appraisers

Medical Device Companies 

My Role

Senior Designer, User and Design Research, Prototyping, collaborating with BA, Designers and Development.


Teams (User Research), Pinterest + Google (Design Research) InVIsion (Sketching & Brainstorming ), Miro (Wireframes and App Flow) , Figma (Prototyping & User Testing).


I lead the team in researching and asking what Users really needs. I evaluated the current user journey using the Five Es Experience model. After identifying the areas for opportunity, I proposed a new user flow that would combine all touch-points into one dashboard. 

I challenged the team to come up with best practice examples, and created a vision board along with Design Principles that would inspire the design decisions. 


I collaborated with the team while leading sketching exercises to quickly build low fidelity prototypes. After obtaining feedback from Stakeholders, Development, BAs, and my design team, I created the dashboard user flow and refined the sketches. 


At each stage, I continued to engage with our Stakeholders and development to be sure the team was displaying the data in a clear and user friendly way. I utilized wireframes to collaborate with the BA and Development as built the back end capabilities.


Using ISACA’s design system, I designed and built a high fidelity prototype of the data reporting Dashboard to conduct usability testing, provide mockups for the development team and BA, as well as content for the marketing team. 

Key Challenges 

  • Even though current users didn’t use mobile to search for data, I challenged the team to build a dashboard that is compatible with mobile as well.
  • I had to work closely with the development team and the product specialist to create efficient ways to ingest the data, as well as display it in a that made sense to users. 
  • This was ISACA’s first time incorporating design into their product development process. 

Want to know more?

If you are interested in knowing more about this Data Reporting Dashboard, please email me at melissagcadet@gmail.com.