What if brick and mortar stores combined what we love most about shopping in stores and the ease and convenience of shopping online?


Dimple is a systems that retailers can implement in their stores to make suggestions based on what customers buy, make it easy for customers to see what items are available, and makes meaningful use of the customer profiles that are acquired.

My Role

Concept development and designer.


Utilizing a combination of developing technologies, there are four essential components that live on the platform:

Helps to understand location demographics and customers’ shopping preferences.

The app manages retail stock, loss prevention, “pushing” seasonal campaigns, and providing store data. On the customer facing side, it serves as payment management system and purchase history.


Shoppers do not have to try on multiple outfits to make the right selection. They have the option to switch out clothing, colors, and accessorize your outfits.

A personal shopping assistant will guide the customer through the experience and serves as way to view store inventory.

Concept Video

This video is a fun exploration of how this technology would work in the retail setting.

Next Steps

This project is still in concept phase. My plan is to develop and implement this type of system in my own store in the future, or in stores desiring to reinvigorate the physical shopping experience. More research is needed, as well as the development of certain types of technologies.


Want to know more?

If you are interested in having a conversation about the future of retail, please email me at melissagcadet@gmail.com.