My Design work

I also work as a Graphic Designer for Apples and Oranges Graphic Design and Marketing LLC. To view projects and client work, visit 


Bambi is a device that lives on your keychain that encourages people seeking a serious relationship to meet “offline.” Utilizing an online profile to set up preferences, Bambi will set up a blind date or notify you when you are “vibbing” (vibe-ing) with someone in the room. I developed the design and flow of the interaction.

Concept video


It’s a steamer, not an iron. It was designed with the modern wardrobe in mind. This steamer can be used on any surface without causing damage to the clothing.


This seamer comes with a detachable water tank for refilling with ease. It is also cordless and charges on the base. When fully charged, the steamer can be removed and used on any surface.

How it works

The heating element lives in the cylinder. The bottom simply emits steam, which is more gentle on clothing and surfaces. The rounded curve on the bottom of the steamer is made to steam around buttons.


What if brick and mortar stores combined what we love most about shopping in stores and the ease and convenience of shopping online?


Dimple is a systems that retailers can implement in their stores to make suggestions based on what customers buy, makes it easy for customers to see what items are available, and makes meaningful use of the customer profiles that are acquired.

Utilizing a combination of developing technology, there are four essential components that live on the platform: