Bambi is a device that lives on your keychain that encourages people seeking a serious relationship to meet “offline.” Utilizing an online profile to set up preferences, Bambi will set up a blind date or notify you when you are “vibbing” (vibe-ing) with someone in the room. I developed the design and flow of the interaction.

My Role

Concept development, designer, app development.


Marvel (Prototype),  Omnigraffle (Wireframes and App Flow) Adobe Illustrator CC ( Visual Design), Pen and Paper (Storyboarding).


Based on research, the modern dating experience using apps and various websites is becoming very undesirable to young adults. Both men and women reported that they enjoy the access that dating apps grants them, but often find themselves nostalgic for the experience of organically meeting someone.

Concept Development

After researching and framing the problem, I began to develop the concept, sketch ideas and prototype the device as well as the app.



I then created wireframes of the app to develop the flow and interactions.

Mood Board

Creating a general mood board was useful in generating an overall look and feel that is cohesive throughout the interactions with both the device and app.


I made a story board to tell the story of how this device and app live in the world.


The app plays a minimal role in this new dating experience, making the overall look and feel simple and easy to navigate.

Concept Video

Key Learnings

1.  Building physical versions of my iterations in the simplest form (Franken Prototypes) saves time and can help keep my mind open to make necessary changes without getting attached.

2. Sometimes it takes writing out all the knowledge the device will need in order to successfully complete the interactions you design it to.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in having a conversation about the future of dating, please email me at melissagcadet@gmail.com.